New blog

Amelie and I at Sky's first Soccer game 8/28/10

Here we are… a whole new volume. It’s not all set up, but it’s a start. Due to thinking I ran out of file space, our family family has moved from our old blog to this new blog location. I’ve lost track of how many times we’ve moved around, but it’s pretty reflective of our lives. The domain of our new blog, “riding with the river” is perfect since we tend to live our lives that way, trusting wherever life/God/the universe wants to take us. Coincidentally, we live in a little house that backs up to a river… I often wonder how we got here, but it’s not surprising! We just can’t help but chuckle.

What’s especially humorous is the fact that I thought we’d run out of photo space. Whenever I tried uploading pics, it gave me an “IO Error” message, and I misread how much space I have left. I thought it said 88% used, but it really said 88% remaining! Dork moment. After already setting up this blog, I realized my error. All I had to do was use a different browser to upload pics (I have no idea why the old one wasn’t working). I’m in love with this new domain name, our new blog design, and this silly error just so happened to occur at a time when my own life is starting anew. I’m keeping this one, and may or may not import/slurp over the old one. I also like not having our last name as part of the domain… something about that always bothered me.

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