Creamy Cheese Fix

I am a cheese fanatic. Always have been since childhood. I’m also vegetarian, have been since childhood for the most part, but one thing I could NEVER be is Vegan! I’ve got to have my cheese fix the way many folks need their chocolate or coffee fixes. When I was in Los Angeles last month, my mom and I ran across the most delicious cheese treat ever– Laughing Cow Creamy Swiss Wedges They come in wheels, and I think you get at least 8 wedges per wheel. Oh my, I cannot stress enough how completely and udderly divine they are!!! They’re small, so you don’t overdo it (as long as you exercise self-control and don’t inhale an entire package… that’s a challenge), and who needs the “Light” version with only 50 calories a wedge?! Don’t give me light, please. I’m hopping into town for a refill of these today, and cannot wait for my next fix!

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1 Response to Creamy Cheese Fix

  1. liz says:

    They are especially delicious on apples!!

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