Day 1: Labor Day Weekend

me, Sky and Prasad standing in front of the river dam today. Behind my head you can see Abe & Jakes Landing, a restaurant where we saw John Edwards speak several years ago, and where we celebrated the last Presidential election. To the right of that (very near the water) is an electric plant that generates coal-free electricity from the dam. The taller building at the right is our City Hall.

the sun was glaring behind us, so the lighting's not great. We all had a GREAT time today, though

Daniel and I actually got to sleep in today until almost 8am! A welcome time after getting up at 6am all week. Yesterday, Sorin and Liam left for a trip to the Ozarks with their dad over the weekend (boating and jet skiing), so it’s another 3-kid time for us. Daniel and I sipped hot tea together… Daniel likes yerba mate and I always drink Indian black. We served some to the boys… they prefer Raspberry Zinger. After getting myself and Amelie ready, we all left out the back door for the levee trail, and walked over the bridge into downtown. We made a trip to the library, then out to lunch at our favorite place- La Parilla, then we hopped over to the locally owned ice cream shoppe, Penny Annie’s. We ran into Prasad’s yoga teacher, Geeta, on the way and had a nice chat. She’d been in India all Summer, and Prasad missed her. He gave her a HUGE hug. She shared that she’s planning to start up her kids yoga classes again, and will notify me about them soon. Prasad is eager to get back into class. She then reminded me of a Ganesha Chaturthi celebration taking place this Sunday through all of next week. Ganesha, aka Ganapati (as Prasad called him in India) is a popular deity worshiped in the Indian State of Mahashtria. At Prasad’s orphanage they had morning prayers to him every day, and held festivals in his name. Interestingly, when Prasad came home he called our guru “Ganapati” which to us was appropriate, considering all Gods, deities, and gurus embody the One. I plan on taking Prasad either tomorrow evening or next Saturday evening to see the worship ceremonies/puja. I’m sure it will feel quite familiar to him!

On the walk home, I encouraged Prasad to jog down the trail until I could barely see him. He ran and ran, then sat down and I ran to him. When I got to him he ran again, and he never seemed tired. I kept running to him, and Sky attempted to tag along and jog with me. Poor fella… Sky is a very strong kid, but stamina is not his strong suit. He tired quickly, and became upset when he realized that Prasad could keep going like the EverReady bunny! I couldn’t help smiling about it, because Sky is SO GOOD at SO MANY things and I was watching Prasad finally claim something all his own. He was blazing down that trail, and whenever he got to a stopping point and watched me jog to him he started cheering wildly, encouraging me, and giving me high-fives when I reached him. What was even more amazing, after that long jog he wanted to hop the back fence into our yard and run laps around the yard! I was impressed (little Rocky Balboa), but told him to go inside and get a water… we all desperately needed water. Prasad was flexing his muscles inside, and kept talking about how great he felt. It was such an empowering day for him, and I must say the sporadic running really energized me, even though I may have looked like a fool running in my floral cotton skirt and old Keens! Keens are actually not too bad for light jogging. Heehee!

This evening we’re having Family Movie Night with “Gentle Ben”. I’m itching to get outside and plant my little sage plants, but that’ll probably have to wait until tomorrow. Maybe we’ll just eat dinner on the front porch to get another ‘outside’ fix. Another note: Amelie has refused her afternoon naps for three days now! Maybe she’s just feeling energized, too.

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1 Response to Day 1: Labor Day Weekend

  1. Liz says:

    Glad you all got to have your family movie night! Sounds like an awesome day.

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