To Drive or Not to Drive

For the record, Sky has informed me on multiple occasions that he is NEVER, EVER GOING TO DRIVE A CAR. He’ll turn 9 this month, and I can’t help laughing about the prospect of him never driving. Of all my kids, I always thought Sky would be itching to get some wheels as soon as possible. Like a lot of boys, he has always had a near obsession with cars. Instead, he always says “Driving is dangerous and scary. Plus, it’s not good for the environment to have all these polluting cars on the road that use petroleum. Oil is terrible!” He always goes into an elaborate plan he has about utilizing public transportation and cycling. He talks about using Extra Cycles, and even getting a bike that has a small motor of some sort that can be switched off and on. He might even design it himself. My sense is that it’s more about fear of the unknown than being green. Although, I will say that Sky is always sincerely ecologically concerned. He also seems deathly afraid of driving. We’ll keep encouraging his plan for cycling because it’s a thoughtful one, and he’s thinking for himself. Plus, he plans to stay in the smaller town of Lawrence so he can access work and stores easily (he’s thought it all out so carefully)… what parent wouldn’t want their kid to stay in town?A pipe dream, I know!

I had to post about this because I have a feeling when he hits 15 or 16 his cycling/public transportation plan will change drastically! I told him this, but he insists that he’ll prove me wrong.

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