Flowing Into Place

Daniel officially signed up this morning to join the Douglas County Bar Association. Finally, after over a decade of living here, he’s a member of the Bar in his home town! He’s also attending his first attorney luncheon here in downtown Lawrence where he’ll meet more local attorneys. He’s also signing up tomorrow to offer pro bono services for the Court… a great way to generate paying referrals from clients he represents free of cost. This morning he decided to cancel a lot of the advertising overhead he has running in Kansas City, and will be going with a small local phone book ad for next year.Dumping that huge expense is going to feel like a huge load off our shoulders; another step toward simplifying our lives and greater financial freedom.

This all feels like divine and perfect timing, considering the fact that right after he signed up for the local Bar today, he was immediately approached by the manager at his Kansas City (Lenexa) office and informed someone else is dying to take his office. The manager offered to refund more than half of the September rent if he could get out tomorrow. Daniel was set to move out by the 30th, but it’s clear that the universe is saying “Get your butt outa here, and over to Lawrence.. NOW!” So, tomorrow Daniel is moving out of the Kansas City office, and into his new Lawrence office a few weeks early. He’s thrilled. He’ll still use the conference room at the KC office to meet clients, but for a very small fraction of office rent. As of tomorrow, he’ll be based here, at home in Lawrence, Kansas! It’s just a 25 minute walk, or a 5 minute bike ride away from our house. For some odd reason, I have a feeling it’s all going to unfold very well for him.

A fun note: Gotta whip out a job application and fill out my tax forms! It looks like I’ll officially be employed as a part time office assistant. The new office is so close to our home that I’ll be able to hop over 5-10 hours/week to help manage and organize files. Wheeee!

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