Morning Sky and Rain With Sky

Just when I was about to go outside with a hose and water my parched rose bushes, it started pouring bucket-loads. First, Sky and I stepped out back very early, before the rain, and when it was still semi-dark. We looked to the East and noticed a beautiful, salmon colored hue on the horizon. We stood there until it brightened, and the color intensified. All the while, the smells of morning earth filled and fed us like no breakfast ever could. We just stood there in silence while the stillness took over our bodies. It was one of those experiences I wish we had more of together. Suddenly, Sky let out a gasp of awe over the beauty of everything. He couldn’t stop talking about how incredible the morning light was. We went inside, sat down, and I started talking about how we needed to water the roses. Then we noticed lightning. A little later it thundered, and we realized that we’re finally getting some rain. The sunroom is an amazing place to experience the weather from. The roof is practically flat, so the sound is great.

Now Amelie is still sleeping hard. It’s been raining for almost two hours… literally pouring, and she sleeps in like an angel. I love these days. The rain gives me permission to just sit, nestle in, stay dry and go very slow. It’s a rare ‘rest day’, and God knows I always have trouble slowing down. This is what I love most about the colder weather that’s coming– the going inside, slowing down, and finally having time for deep introspection. Before I know it, we’ll be sipping gallons of hot chocolate again, and wrapping ourselves up in wool blankets with a good book. The cycle of the seasons is something I don’t think I could live without. This rain is my friend today; I’m curling up with it, and so are my furry ones. My dogs really know how to slow down, and I’m joining them.

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1 Response to Morning Sky and Rain With Sky

  1. thapasya says:

    the best raining picture i’ve ever seen sir.

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