Updates: Work & School

Daniel is all moved in to his new local office. That happened last Friday, and I helped arrange things with Sky and Prasad over the weekend. We still have some final touches left, like hanging pictures and getting a small love seat for one corner of the room. He needs to get internet up and running, but he’s been able to use the space for paperwork and printing. This week has been insane commute-wise. He’s had so many Missouri cases to drive to at early, unGodly hours of the morning, and has even worked super late a couple of nights. These were scheduled long ago, and we’re hoping to keep these trip to a minimum in the future by turning down those types of cases… the ones where he drives 2-3 hours out of town to some far away city, and court is too early or late. He’s been able to turn down more cases since our move, which feels great. At the same time, he’s getting some cases here, which makes us very hopeful. He’s meeting a new client here on Friday who he got through one of Sky’s soccer team parents. Word of mouth is everything when you’re a self-employed lawyer.

The meeting with Prasad’s teachers went very well last week. Wait, was that last week, or the week before? I lose track of time. Anyway, we pointed out exactly what services Prasad should be receiving in his IEP, and stuck firmly with those. Both his classroom and resource teacher have their own kids with IEP’s, so they completely understood our concerns, and went along with our requests. Empathy makes a world of difference. He’s getting 1 hour of pull-out time for math in a very small group, has had no more difficult homework sent home, and gets 40 minutes of daily pull-out for small group reading, and 10 minutes for fluency checking. He also gets weekly occupational therapy for sensory issues.

They’re having trouble finding reading material that Prasad is actually interested in at his level… at 10 years old with a 2nd grade reading level, that’s very hard to do. He prefers non-fiction, so most of the books he likes go over his head right now. We’re looking! Both teachers pointed out that they’re very impressed with how passionate Prasad is about learning. When he comes into Math in the mornings, he sits down and completes the work with a very good and enthusiastic attitude. This is unlike a lot of other IEP students in the resource room who seem to complain, resist sitting or working hard in the mornings. Prasad is a little gentleman about it, which is a huge plus.

Their school (Woodlawn) won a National Blue Ribbon Award two weeks ago. This was a big deal, and the boys were thrilled and proud. Only 300 won in the nation, and only 5 in the state of Kansas, so we feel pretty lucky to have them at this new school. It only confirmed for me that Prasad and Sky both are in very good hands.

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