Spring 2011 Veggie Garden Plan

Our raised beds will be along the right side near the greenhouse. Will post pics as it evolves. That pile in the center is where we plan to burn all our yard waste this Fall, and have some roasted marshmallows.


Blueberry bushes (start in rows of 5, possibly 15 to start… they stay small) ORDER ONLINE so they arrive by Spring

Raspberry bushes (2-3) ORDER ONLINE with the blueberry bushes

Strawberries (vines in their own raised bed, seprated from the rest of the garden. Invasive, but yummy!)

Main Veggies:

Beans (Dry. Choose a bean we love, then plant them. No need to buy plants. Excellent protein!)

Tomatoes (of course! 10 plants, 2-3 varieties)

Green Beans
Lettuce (2 types: Crisphead and Leaf)
Grape Vine (2-3 on the fence/trellis. They get large)
Peppers (red, yellow & green)

This is our preliminary plan for the South facing back yard garden. We’ll be using 200-300 square feet to start out, which is a very small portion of our back yard area. Of course, we’ll plant in the most sunny location. Our lot is basically surrounded by trees, so we’re limited to using the West side. We’re grateful that previous owners kept all the large, mature, East side trees pruned and thinned out. I’m assuming they did a lot of gardening as well to thin them out that much. The East sun comes through very well toward the West side, and there is a lot of South light in the afternoon.

All this planting will be an experiment in just how luscious North Lawrence soil is. It’s supposedly gold, and everything just takes off, almost effortlessly. I have discovered from recent digging and planting that the soil is extremely dark and soft. Easy digging. When we walk across it, it’s mushy under our feet, even in the dry Summer months, all due to the river. I’m so excited to get going on preparing the beds this Fall!
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  1. steve guinn says:

    So for blue berries, Since soil is alkaline and berries like acid the best way to be successful is to dig out hole, plave a brick for root ball to sit on and then fill in hole with peat moss that you have soaked in an old trash can or 5 gal bucket dirt from hole make a large diameter dish in order to catch water because blueberries normally grow in bogs with lots of water, or dig a ditch for your rows. There is a great blueberry grower in smithville mo I’ll try and find name . It’s a young family and grower has pHD in fruit science

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