Birthday Check-In

When I take a long break from posting, it’s difficult to catch up. As usual, there has been SO MUCH going on. IEP meetings for Sorin and Liam. We finally built a side fence and gate so we could move the old one and park beside the house. New clothes line poles were completed. And most importantly, Sky turned 9 on Sunday, and Amelie is 2 today! We had a combined party for them last weekend, and invited three friends. Jack (8), a soccer mate of Sky’s, and Max (6) and Naomi (4) who live next door. Naomi is 4 and calls herself Amelie’s “best friend”; they seriously adore each other.

I have to shout about it– HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO AMELIE!!!!! Our very sensitive, deeply perceptive and wise little lady. Each day my gratitude for your presence in my life grows. God has blessed me with you as our last child. You are the sweet topping on our sundae… you aren’t just another flower in our family bouquet, you are the sun and the stars. Such a light.

And to Sky– HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY LOVING AND STRONG BEAR. I wasn’t online during your birthday (9/26), so didn’t post. You have been home with us now for 7 1/2 long years, and I love you so much more than I ever thought possible. Your bright insights, your heart as infinite as the universe, your charm, and deep love for me and your whole family touch me every day. I am so proud of you, and honored to be your mother.

In addition to birthdays and school meetings, I’ve been spending a great deal of time outdoors, sometimes just sitting there, meditating on the stillness, earthy smells and the quiet. Other times I’m digging, planting or sawing and hammering. The fence and clothes line poles were completed yesterday, and we couldn’t be more happy. I’ll be attaching the lines today so we can hang our first load of towels and sheets in the sun.

Being outdoors is far more tempting than this computer, or any amount of therapeutic writing. I feel like a playful child out there, moving from project to project, and it’s so rewarding. We create our own reality, and ours is becoming more beautiful by the minute.

Pics coming soon! They take too long to load and I’d rather get out and hang the clothes line strings now.

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