Birthday Pics from 9/26

Amelie and Sorin before the birthday party

their crudely home decorated Boston cream cake (which was delicious), topped with Sky's choice- Skittles

Sorin checking out the table

Amelie takes her seat, wearing an Ethiopian dress we purchased at Le Toukoul orphanage last year...

Sky takes his seat (at the head of the table, of course) with his friends Jack and Max. Naomi, Max's 4 year old sister, was sitting next to him... I'm wishing she was pictured because Amelie LOVES her.

Sorin served the cake

Sky really loved his K-Nex set from Max (our nextdoor neighbor)

and he got his longed awaited Lego airplane from Grammy Lin!

Amelie did a very good job of unwrapping this year, and she was very happy with all her gifts

love that smile!

Aha! Here a picture that includes little Naomi. She and Amelie like to chase each other around the house

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2 Responses to Birthday Pics from 9/26

  1. Looks like a great birthday party!

  2. liz says:

    looks like a fun day, sorry i missed it! happy birthday Sky and Amelie!!

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