Building the East Fence

Little Miss Mischief

Amelie was fascinated with everything. If you click and enlarge the photo, you can see the old chain link in the background (gone now), and Daniel's baby Blue Spruce at the far right. We love that little guy!

Looking toward the new fence from the new drive area (East side of house)

I spent the majority of last week building and completing the new, side fence. It matches the ranch style fencing in the far back of the lot. Daniel dug the post holes, and cemented them in. He also removed an old chain link that was originally pretty close to where I was standing when that picture was taken. Now we’re able to use the East side of the house to park our cars. This Summer we installed a new, semi-circular drive across the front yard so we could maneuver to the side instead of parking directly in front of our bedroom windows (something I couldn’t stand when we first moved here). This set-up feels more fluid and natural. If we made the drive straight off the street, we would have had to take out a giant Fire Maple, which was not an option… I love the curved drive anyway.

It’s not pictured yet, but the gate is done and installed, and we are parking on the side now. It keeps our cars tucked away, out of view, and our very deep front yard looks so much more inviting. While I was busy building the gate, Amelie spent her first week exploring the back yard. She had a blast, and spent over two hours at a time wandering around, picking up sticks, playing with the the dog, pulling grass, and even helping me. She sat next to the work area and held down boards, pretending to hammer them with me. She enjoyed it so much that I decided to purchase her a little tool set on her birthday. She was thrilled– like mother, like daughter!

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