It’s Just Work, Not Homework

Arguments with Sky are frequent. Here is the latest argument with Sky that we’re still chuckling about:

Sky was sitting at the dining table this morning, hurriedly working on a large packet he brought home from school. At the same time, he was trying to eat his oatmeal and appeared quite stressed. I was surprised because he usually comes home from school every day, and immediately sits down to complete his homework. He doesn’t even need reminders most of the time. Apparently, yesterday he let it slide.

He never does homework in the mornings, so I said “Sky, what are you working on?”

Sky: “Uuuh, I’m just finishing up something.”

Me: “Finishing up what? You had homework you were supposed to do yesterday? I thought you didn’t have any.” He was working on eating breakfast, and had to leave for school in 12 minutes, so there was no way he would get the packet done. I was concerned.

Sky: “I’m just finishing up some work I’m supposed to have done!” He was extremely irritated by this point.

Me: “So, you have homework you didn’t do yesterday?”

Sky: “NO MOM!!! IT’S NOT HOMEWORK. Jeeeeez!” His voice was loud, and looked at me with such deep agitation in his glaring eyes.

Me: “What? You have school work that wasn’t finished at school, and you need to finsish it at home, right?” He nodded his head, still glaring his eyes at me. I said “Okay, then that’s the definition of homework. You didn’t do your homework yesterday, right Sky?” Sky kept denying it was homework, saying it was a packet he had to get done and that was all. He was clearly angry, and stated his case with such upset and certainty that he was almost convincing.

Daniel finally stepped in and said, “Sky, you need to stop lying about this. It’s school work you needed to finish at home, which makes it homework, right?” Sky was quiet for a long time, and still denied it under his breath a few times. I could hear him saying “It’s just work, it’s not homework.” Finally, he realized there was no getting out of his self created mess, so he finally nodded his head. I ended up taking the homework so he could finish eating and get to school. I was stunned by how adamant Sky was. The intensity of his need to deny that he didn’t do his homework, even though it was right there was quite comical. He’d forgotten… a rare thing, but he had forgotten. He recently told his grandmother (my mom) that he never forgets anything… ever. He was VERY serious about it. Forgetting things just doesn’t happen with Sly Bear, even if it’s happening, clear as day before our eyes. He was rather convincing with his baloney, though. Maybe he’ll be an attorney like Daddy!

Note: I wrote Sky’s teacher for some clarification about the packet today. This was her response.

The Stone Fox packet was to be finished by today. Yesterday he said he could not find it. I told him to look some more and if he did not finish it I would give him another one. I”m glad he found it. It was not designated as official take home homework but they could take it home to finish up. So he was right. If it’s not finished I will give him time in class or extend the time to Monday. Thanks for letting me know.

The words “So he was right” were glaring at me. Boy, would he love that! I wrote her back, thanking her for the clarification, and stated that we don’t see a difference between “official homework” and school work that needs to be finished at home. I told her that since Sky sees a distinction (or was desperately trying to paint one), he didn’t prioritize it the way he normally does. I asked her to clarify it for him, so he could get it from both ends. To his credit, he really is extremely good about initiating doing his homework right after school.

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