Liam’s Dream Come True

These phone pics were taken early last week, after we finally got Liam’s trampoline put together. Liam loves bouncing on the trampoline almost as much as swimming…  he can do it for hours. He has one at his dad’s in Kansas City, and a home care worker used to have him jump on hers for hours. There are not a lot of activities Liam can take part in at home, mainly due to minimal motor skills and difficulty with overstimulation.This new activity opens a whole new dimension up for him, and we just love having him outdoors with us.

Regarding the back yard, and any concerns we had over a large, ugly disc taking up space– We love that the trampoline fits neatly behind our shed and doesn’t obstruct any views of the levy. It takes up far less space than we anticipated. Also, it just happens to match our house perfectly. I look outside every day, and can’t believe Liam FINALLY has his trampoline. We’ve been discussing how beneficial it would be for years, but had no room for one at our last house. Of course, all the kids benefit from having a trampoline they can go hog wild on. It’s a great investment.

While jumping, Liam bounces primarily on his bottom (keeping that washboard tummy in shape), but he intermittently stands up and jumps. It’s more of a workout than I expected, and gives me motion sickness. I’m amazed at Liam’s stamina, but I have to remember that he swims 30 laps twice a week at the pool with no problem. He’s got energy! The best part of jumping with Liam is the increased eye contact and interaction we get to have with him. He likes to take turns jumping– he jumps a while, and we get to enjoy relaxing and being bounced, then he motions for us to jump while he gets to lie down and get bounced around. The best part of the trampoline for me is that I get to have a place to lie down, comfortably under a huge canopy of trees. Looking up, there is an incredible view… Liam enjoys doing that with me, too. He’s such a joy.

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