October Update

There is way too much life happening to sit down and write about it these days. It’s all been good. Amazing, really. I just don’t spend much time online lately. To simplify and save time I’ll put it in bullets:

  • Daniel is currently working at applying for a District Judge position in our county. I can’t say much about that, except that it’s been a great opportunity for Daniel to look at his old cases, step back and see just how much he’s accomplished in the last 16 years. It’s getting him more firmly rooted and focused upon Kansas law versus Missouri. No matter what comes of it, he’s valuing himself more as an attorney, and he’s gaining a more clear perspective on the direction he wants to go.
  • I’ve been busy planting and building. These cooler temps have me outdoors almost the whole day, so I’ve been making several trips to the garden centers and hardware stores. So far, we planted four Althea (Rose of Sharon) bushes on the West side of our house, and a third rose bush next to the sunroom. Oddly, this house had zero shrubbery planted around it, and no flowers. For some, I guess the natural surroundings and trees were enough… I’ve got to have things to plant, take care of, and watch grow (besides children!). Daffodil and Iris bulbs are next on my list. Oh, and for the “building” part, the chicken coop is coming along. I worked all day yesterday at cutting and stapling the wire onto the partial frame. Now I’ll start designing and framing the actual chicken house which will attach to one end of the frame. It’s time consuming, but will pay off in the long run. I love having my kids watch something develop through hard work. At the beginning of my building process when I ran into some obstacles, Sky complained “You should have just bought one. This is too hard for you! Let’s just move on.” I kept reminding him that I started the project, and I was intent upon finishing it, and that it would be very rewarding to have a custom coop that we made ourselves. Now, he’s loving it and wants to continue helping me.
  • We walked with Sky, Prasad and Amelie to a nearby restaurant Saturday evening and I was amazed at how cooperative and pleasant Sky was. So often, we have a great deal of turmoil due to arguing, either between him and Prasad or he complains about everything imaginable, souring the experience. Instead, we had so many laughs, and really enjoyed ourselves. It was how I always wished our outings could be. Because of that, afterward we came home and started our first backyard camp fire. We had marshmallows, popcorn, and Daniel told a few scary stories. At one point, Daniel went inside and Sky shared with me that he didn’t want to hear any more scary stories (which were actually not scary at all… they were funny), and that he wanted instead to go around the circle and say what we love most about each other. I was touched that he thought of doing that. When Daniel returned, we all did that, but then it was followed by another scary story. During that story, Sky said “Oh come on! I knew that was going to happen… it’s such an obvious thing to happen, Dad!!! Tell a better one!” He had me laughing pretty hard. At one scary point during the story, Daniel stood up out of his chair and lunged toward Prasad, causing him to fall out of the chair. We all laughed so much. The next morning, Sky woke up saying it was one of the best family experiences ever. He’s so right. We’ll be doing that a lot more.
  • Prasad didn’t feel so great when he woke up Sunday morning. For some odd reason, he woke up crying with a massive headache. He doesn’t usually get headaches, but it had him couch ridden most of the day. It wasn’t until later that we realized he probably inhaled too much of the smoke.  After all, he was basically lunging forward into the fire while sitting in total fascination. The smoke was blowing his way, and I did catch him inhaling it on purpose a few times. It was a rich sensory experience for him, and inhaling intensified it… I always forget his sensory issues (a very high sensory thresh hold), and how he doesn’t react appropriately to things that most people find uncomfortable. We’ll have to watch that in the future.
  • Our 1 year old puppy, Hanu, is desperately in need of behavioral training and rehabilitation. He’s marvelous at home, with our family, but out in the community he goes completely ballistic when he sees other dogs. He also doesn’t react well with the neighbor kids, and has shown aggression to them and their dogs. After discussing the issue with a skilled dog trainer, we’ve been told these behaviors are easily changed. We’ll be having a trainer visit for 6 weeks, hoping things improve over time. We don’t want to keep Hanu home, in isolation at all times… he deserves to have a life. We adore him, and will do whatever it takes.
  • I continue to awe at the very fact that we live in this new, little old house. A year ago I never would have imagined we’d be here, much less move at all. Yesterday, while standing outside watching Daniel burn leaves and brush, I was overtaken with so much gratitude for the beauty all around me. There is so much serenity here, and it has positively affected every member of our family. We’re watching the first turn of the seasons with such wonder… it’s as if we’ve never seen them change before. The intensity of it when you’re surrounded by so much ‘wild’ is new to all of us. I can’t capture any of what we feel here in pictures. Pictures don’t convey it at all. I just keep wondering when I’m going to stop feeling so astounded. Really, I’m hoping we never take it for granted.
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