October Update II

Every time I think about posting, I’d rather do something else, like finish up the chicken coop, hang laundry, sweep the front porch, or sit outside to watch Amelie explore the back yard. I’ve definitely become more active here; the whole family has. The best way to update is with bullets, because it was a big week with a lot of happenings:

  • Sky had his soccer play-offs on Saturday. Yes, the Fall soccer season is finally over, and we have no more carpooling and activity occupying our schedule three days a week. On top of that, Sky’s team won by one point, and Sky kicked the winning goal! I was so happy for him, considering he was extremely nervous a few days before the game. Afterward, he was thrilled, bragging (of course), but he admitted he was happy it was over. The stress of it really got to him.
  • Sky has started Cub Scouts after finding a local den. Daniel took him to his first ‘camp out’ last Friday to meet the whole crowd, carve pumpkins and they witnessed a flag burning ceremony. We took a long time to decide on whether or not we wanted Sky involved in Scouts, but after researching we have a good feeling about it, especially regarding Sky and his need for positive teachings. At their core, they seem focused on helping others. I was surprised to learn of their religious tolerance because someone told me long ago t hat it’s a Christian organization– not so. They do emphasize ‘serving God’ but their manual states to do it in whatever way you can through your own religion. They also emphasize tolerance and respect for all religions… that sold me. Although, Daniel was a bit put off at the flag ceremony Friday. They talked extensively about how great our nation is, and alluded to it being the greatest, and the only great one at that. We’re all for patriotism and pride in our country, but getting overly prideful without having enough exposure to the rest of the world is nonsense. On the drive home, Daniel made sure to explain to Sky that there are many great countries.. we don’t want ethnocentrism in our family, especially when three of our children were born elsewhere. Sheesh, this topic could be a whole post.
  • Prasad learned how to ride his bike on Saturday! Since coming home almost 4 years ago, we’ve had him using training wheels. Whenever we took them off, he didn’t have the focus or coordination to ride. He even ended up breaking t he chain off, so went without a bike for a long time. Saturday, Daniel got the chain back on, and Prasad hopped on and started riding independently within minutes. After the clumsiness of the past, I was astounded and so thrilled for him. Sky learned how to ride his at the end of last month, and it didn’t take him long either. I think having them practice on soft soil made all the difference. We have a large lot to ride around on, and when they fall it doesn’t hurt. It’s wonderful, because we back up to a trail and we can all ride together now. With the art class, the running, and the bicycling, Prasad is beaming with pride about himself! Interestingly, I’ve noticed a maturity coming about as a result… I hesitate to post much about that until after I watch it unfold over the next month or so. He’s been telling classmates, “I’m a creative artist, a great runner and I will run marathons one day.” He’s developing a real, positive identity, and a sincere appreciation for his gifts.
  • Our puppy, Hanu, is wonderful. The older he gets, I’m bonding with him more and more. But he has some major social issues that we need to get under control. Primarily regarding other dogs. We took him to a local festival called “Dogtoberfest”, and he went ballistic. Basically barking incessantly, growling, snapping at other dogs. He was completely out of control, and the center of everyone’s gaze at the festival. I didn’t go, but from what Daniel, Sky, and Prasad told me, it was one of the most embarrassing moments in Peebles family history. Hundreds of dogs stood there, sniffing each other, walking around peacefully, and there was Hanu… completely psychotic. A trainer walked up to Daniel and tried discussing some things with him. He got hooked up with someone that person knew, and she’ll be coming over for rehab sessions next Monday. Hanu was fine socially until about two months ago. Now, if he sees a dog, he thinks it’s a threat, regardless of the circumstance. We’re told it’s one of the most trainable problem behaviors, and that there is a lot of hope. It’s either rehab, or total isolation at home for Hanu. We want him to have a life!
  • The wedding for my youngest sister came and went on Saturday, and I survived the tragedy of being absent. Sorin went through some difficult emotions that day, considering I was told she was definitely invited, but we never received an invitation for her. She had a hard time understanding why because, of course, she ‘didn’t do anything wrong’ (as she put it). I’ve received no explanation about the lack of invite for her, so I’m at a loss about what to tell her. It all adds salt to old wounds, and creates a new one for Sorin. On the bright side, I was so happy to see my other sister, Stephanie, before the wedding. I went with her, my mom and niece to my favorite restaurant (Eden Alley) in Kansas City, and we had some rare, quality time. She lives in Ohio, so it was such a sweet gift to see her.
  • We had a post-placement visit with the adoption social worker last Friday. We should be done with all three by now, but this was only our second… we take our time! I told the social worker we’re getting them done in Ethiopia time. We have one more visit with her planned for January… or February… or March… or whenever. Then we’ll just have annual, mail-in updates after that until she’s 18. The visit went great, as Amelie clung to my side the whole time. I’ve been noticing how super shy she is with new people. she hides behind tables and peeks over them, or even leaves the room. It’s a great sign of attachment, really.
  • Sorin and I will be Halloween shopping this evening, while Daniel stays home with Amelie and the boys. I’m looking very forward to my time with her, and getting away for a while. Halloween is a fun time, but I have yet to drag our decorations up from the cellar. I don’t know if I’ll get to those this year, and don’t know how much that really matters. Mainly, Sky is focused upon being some dark “death” character from Harry Potter (can’t recall the name), so I have to find him a cape with a hood and skeleton face. Sounds simple enough to find, right? I’ve had a tough time finding anything this year. Prasad wants to be either a werewolf or a rock star… it all depends on which one I find first. Sorin is going to be a Vampiress. I don’t know about Amelie, and whether she’ll even be trick-or-treating this year. It’s a funny holiday, but we mix it all in with Guatemala’s Day of the Dead holiday, and that enriches it considerably.

I know I’ve been a bad blogger these days. It’s just not where my focus is lately. Maybe when the temperatures cool down, and we start huddling up indoors more I’ll get back on track. Right now, I’m having too much fun!

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1 Response to October Update II

  1. Sara says:

    I thought Amelie peeking over the table at Josh and I when we came to visit was super adorable. She’s a real doll.

    I’m glad to hear about Sky’s and Prasad’s triumphs as well.

    I love your updates, and the bullet form works great for readers too 🙂

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