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Teeny Tree For a Tiny House

Daniel went to the store a few days ago, and he took a while. I wondered what took so long, but when he came home he walked in the door with the very first Christmas tree for our new home, … Continue reading

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“Does This Mean I Have a ‘Real’ Dad?”

What a shocker it was to hear this yesterday, especially considering we’d had conversations about these types of comments with both Prasad and Sky in the past. Of course, we weren’t too upset; mainly thrown for a loop. It’s one … Continue reading

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Cats On a Shelf

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First Pie!

Strangely, when the pie came out of the oven the blueberries were bubbling in a boiling fashion… this caused the heart at the center to beat up and down for quite a while. It creeped Sky out so much that … Continue reading

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Around noon today, Petunia left her little flock and went inside the coop. She was in there a very long time, and when we peeked inside she was sitting in a nesting box. She’s the biggest of the two Barred … Continue reading

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Five of us left for Hiawatha, Kansas last evening to pick up our newest family members- three 8 month old hens. We were lucky enough to get a sitter for Amelie and Liam, so the rest of us were able … Continue reading

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A Variety of Feather Babies

A few people have inquired about what types of chickens we’re getting and what they look like, so I wanted to post a few pictures of the breeds we’re considering. Well, ‘considering’ isn’t really the correct word– it looks pretty … Continue reading

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