Halloween Pics

Prasad and Amelie helped clean out pumpkins at home last week while Sky went with Daddy to his first Cub Scout meeting

Mmm, she loved scooping out the seeds and ate a few before I could cook them.

Sorin had a Halloween party at C-Tran (her community transition school) and this was taken before their party last Friday.. she's a Vampiress

Amelie says "MOO!!!"

Prasad says "GRRRRR!!!"

Aah, there's my sweet boy

...and here's my other sweet boy, dressed as a Dementor from Harry Potter. I swear he's developing a million dollar smile!

and of course, Daniel had to have fun before we left for trick-or-treating

Daniel also tried on Sorin's vampiress wig

We had a great time trick-or-treating. Liam, Sorin, and Daniel stayed home to hand out candy. When we returned to our house, Daniel was hiding under a pile of leaves. He jumped out, and scared Prasad. A very memorable Halloween!

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