Sky’s Words About Prasad

by Sky Peebles, written in school (3rd grade) on September 28, 2010

“Prasad loves Smarty candy and the taste. Prasad smells like body soap and slick shampoo. He dresses up in a shirt and pants and a tie.

Prasad has soft skin like a baby’s butt. He laughs like a horse. He loves chocolate cake and the smooth chocolate.

Prasad dresses up like he is going to work. When he kicks a soccer ball it feels like you just got knocked off your feet. I see him drawing pictures of everything.”


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3 Responses to Sky’s Words About Prasad

  1. Patti Dickinson says:

    I just love this. That should be framed. What a treasure that is now and will only become more so as the years go by. We have lots of this kind of stuff on our dining room walls….an amazing glimpse into the lives of ten Dickinson’s….

    I hope he got an A+ on this!

  2. LinZi says:

    Sky is so good with this descriptive writing… what a lovely description of his brother… especially the skin as smooth as a baby’s butt.. 😉

    • Jill Peebles says:

      Well, he REALLY DOES have EXTREMELY SOFT SKIN. It was the second thing I noticed about him when we first met (after his warm, puppy dog eyes).

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