a perfect, tan-pinkish egg showed up around 1:00pm today...

...thanks to our lovely Petunia.

Around noon today, Petunia left her little flock and went inside the coop. She was in there a very long time, and when we peeked inside she was sitting in a nesting box. She’s the biggest of the two Barred Rocks and I wasn’t certain whether the larger birds would fit in the boxes, but she looked very nestled and comfortable. She was inside the box for about 45 minutes, and she came outr when she heard me filling up their  feed container. I checked on her box and was shocked to find our first egg. Honestly, I did not expect it so soon. She’s been home less than 24 hours and she’s already given us a lovely gift!

Being new to chickening, I was struck by how dry and clean the egg was. For some reason I imagined a slime coated egg that would need to dry out or get wiped clean, but it came out perfectly clean and dry. What a magical experience. Thanks, Petunia!

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