Teeny Tree For a Tiny House

Meet "Teeny", our first little Christmas Spruce in our new home

Daniel went to the store a few days ago, and he took a while. I wondered what took so long, but when he came home he walked in the door with the very first Christmas tree for our new home, and it’s between 3-4 feet tall. For weeks I’d been talking about how I DO NOT want a large, overbearing tree in our living room, and I kept imagining a small tree sitting atop the antique trunk next to our front window. I’d shopped around, even looking at artificial trees (believe it or not) and I couldn’t get myself to buy a plastic, non-compostable tree that would end up in a landfill in five or six years. These real trees smell great, and they’re planted and harvested every year like any crop. I’m grateful to this teeny tree in our little house for all the warmth and beauty it will give us this holiday season. When Christmas is over, it’s small enough to be thrown into our compost pile and feed our gardens next year.

Can’t wait to decorate it, which traditionally happens on Sorin’s birthday, December 1st. Coincidentally, I got rid of at least half our Christmas decorations during our move last Summer. I wasn’t planning on a small tree at that time (just getting rid of excess decor we didn’t feel particularly sentimental about), but it looks like we’ll only have room for the most meaningful ornaments. I look forward to laying gifts around it on the trunk, and having them spill over to the floor. The simplicity is perfect, and very welcome during a time of year that can be anything but simple.

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