SoRIn’S 19tH BIrtHdaY!

Today is Sorin’s birthday. 19 years ago I gave birth to one of the most sweet and pure souls I would ever know in this life. 19 years ago I was lying down, watching Saturday Night Live after consuming a large bowl of ice cream (something I craved the whole pregnancy, including cherry tomatoes), and when I stood up around midnight, December 1st, 1991 to waddle to the bathroom my water broke. It was a tapping sensation that accompanied an unusual snapping sound… followed by a slow but steady leak, no gushing. I was thrilled because I’d been doing jumping jacks that whole week, hoping to cause labor. After nine long months I was SO READY to give birth, hold my first baby, and have my body back! During delivery I didn’t want any anesthesia because I wanted to know exactly what giving birth felt like. Boy, did I find out! After I screamed for hours with forceps on Sorin’s head, she was finally born around 4:23am. My first child. After 19 years I can still remember exactly what she felt like in my arms. Mothers never forget that. It has been such an honor watching Sorin grow into such a responsible and caring  young woman over the years. She continues to grow, and in time I know she will gain an independence we never imagined possible. She astounds me.

I’m making Sorin a cake today, and we’ll have a small party after dinner this evening followed by some tree decorating.

Coincidentally, I got a call from the Social Security Administration today, and Sorin has been approved for SSI benefits. Happy birthday, Sorin!!! She was approved after the first try, so no hearings or reapplication necessary. It’s a tremendous relief as a parent to know she will have that supplementary income to help her in life. Being that she’s unable to work full time, she couldn’t find a sense of independence without it.

Yay, Sorin! Life is beautiful, especially with you around.


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3 Responses to SoRIn’S 19tH BIrtHdaY!

  1. liz says:

    Happy happy happy birthday to my wonderful niece Sorin!!

  2. Happy birthday Sorin!!!

  3. missy says:

    Happy 19th birthday!!!

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