Chickens in the Snow!

--"What the heck?! Take me back to the farm, guys!"

Marigold: "Hey Jasmine, do chickens fly South because I'm really thinking we need a plan!"

Yesterday was the first day we truly saw the face of Winter. The harsh winds were unbearably cold, and by last evening we had some snow flurries. We woke up this morning to our first little blanket of snow at our new house. It’s the very first snow ever for the chickens, considering they hatched last March. As always, by 8:00am they were clucking to get out of their coop. I opened the door and they hurried outside, one by one, only this time they stopped in their tracks when hitting the snowy ground. The snow is cold on their feet, and it makes pecking for food difficult. I ended up spreading a hay bail out under their coop. That’s their hang-out area or living room/kitchen area, so they loved it. They had a place to scratch around, nap and catch some morning and afternoon sun.

Marigold ended up going back inside right away. Maybe due to the cold, or maybe she was laying an egg. She’s been laying an egg a day for the past week, and boy is she happy whenever she has a new egg… she brags by clucking loudly for about 3-5 minutes straight. The other girls like to lay their eggs on top of hers afterward, and they’ve been copying her by announcing their accomplishment afterward. I swear, the expression “Copy Cat” should actually be “Copy Chicken” because I have never known a species to copy one another more than chickens do. If one starts cleaning her feathers, they all do it. If one starts eating, they all do. If one runs to the SE corner, they all follow. They are far more social than I ever imagined they would be. I can’t help thinking about how fun it’s going to be with three more following each other around in about six months. Six hens, and possibly 5-6 eggs a day… wow.

Note: Finally you can see the color I painted their house. It needs another coat, and the base will be a dark redwood stain. We roofed the house Friday (using my grandfather’s old ladder on the far right). I’ll also be adding two flower boxes, and one set of shutters on the South window. I ran out of warm days to finish the job!

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2 Responses to Chickens in the Snow!

  1. missy says:

    I had two roosters as pets when I was growing up. I got them when they were tiny chicks and they were only half grown when winter came. I kept them in my bedroom that winter. Crazy! Even crazier that my parents let me!! Boy, were they loud and smelly!!!

    • jillpeebles says:

      LOL Missy! Any animal that poops that much would be smelly when kept indoors. Interestingly, the chickens themselves have a very nice, fresh smell, I love it! Cannot imagine having big chickens live in my house all Winter, especially loud roos! What a fun memory for you, though.

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