Random Notes

Amelie loves to watch and study what we’re doing, and then mimic it. If I put lotion on my hands, she asks for lotion on her hands and rubs it in just the same way I do. If she sees me shaking out laundry and folding, she picks up some laundry and does the same thing. If lint falls out of the dryer, she always walks over and picks it up to take to the trash. Sometimes she doesn’t quite get it right– When the babysitter spilled a little water in the floor, Amelie went and got a lint roller out of the drawer and tried rolling the water off the ground. Earlier in the evening she’d seen me rolling it on Daniel’s coat.

-Prasad recently went up a couple of reading levels in school. For the past month he’s been asking what words mean… not when he’s reading, necessarily, but when a word pops into his head, he asks what it means. He’s really working at growing his vocabulary, and for some odd reason Sorin has started doing the same thing. She’s reading a new series of books called “Vampire Diaries” and she keeps asking me what certain words mean, and it’s like they’re both filing the definitions away in their brains. I love watching this type of intellectual development.

-We have great coverage for Liam over the holidays. This means we have a supportive home care worker taking Liam on 3 hour outings almost every day over the break. The kids’ last day was last Friday, and all is going great so far.

-Amelie said her first full sentence yesterday. She isn’t especially verbal, despite being on target or above average developmentally in all other areas. She is a SMART little girl, but language is coming slow. She says simple, single words things like “thirsty”, “bowl”, “bye bye”, “Hello”, “doggy”, “Mom”, and “See ya”, but when she combines words it’s sounds like the strange foreign language of toddler jibberish. She’ll even get in the mood, and go on long diatribes, gesticulating all over the place as if she’s giving a complex lecture, but we never know what the heck she’s talking about (it’s VERY cute). Last evening, when Sky was hiding behind a chair and wouldn’t come out, Amelie loudly said “Get out of there!” I couldn’t believe my ears, and everyone started repeating her and clapping joyfully about it. We keep thinking she’ll hit some sort of language explosion.

-Sky has been experiencing some ups & downs, and it has forced me to take a long, hard look at myself. I’ve gotten to the point where I just need to focus on me and the work I need to do on myself in order to cope with some of the attitudes and behaviors. I won’t get into the details now, but let’s just say he’s definitely in my life to help me master the art of detachment and letting go. This is difficult to do when issues pertain to the well being of my child, but I have to do it in order to preserve my health and well-being. I’ve been spending a great deal of time reflecting and meditating upon things, and I think I’m moving in the right direction.

-Daniel took Sky to work with him yesterday and it was a great day for both of them. They went to two courtrooms, two offices, and went out to lunch. Sky is still talking about what a great time he had with Daddy, and how he wants to do it again soon.

-Prasad had a very devotional, prayerful morning. For some reason, he pulled out a box that opens and displays a photo of our guru (it usually just sits there, and we don’t open it often). He sat and stared at it a few minutes, then ran to me in the kitchen, clinging to my arm saying “Uuuh, Mom. That picture of Yogananda just raise his eyebrows at me and smiled. I really saw him. It’s like he’s really looking at me.” He seemed really spooked. I’ve had similar experiences, so it didn’t surprise me at all. I shared some of those with him, and he felt better. Then he walked back over to the picture and set up an altar with a flower and a shawl around it. Then he sat and meditated for about 20 minutes… this 10 year old didn’t move a pinky. When he was done he said that he felt very happy because he could feel how much Yogananda loves him. He was beaming and joyful, and has been all day.

-Daniel has been able to take so many days off work since moving into this house. He used to take spontaneous days off before, but the amount of days has increased and it’s wonderful. It’s a huge plus to being self-employed, but it’s the result of cutting 2/3 of our mortgage off, paying off other debts and having fewer living expenses. Life is very good.

-We painted our kitchen two days ago, and we all love it (pictured above). Well, almost all of us. It’s a major change, and Sorin always has trouble with changes. She’s hates them, however big or small. I’m always amazed at how well she handled the move over the Summer when a simple change in furniture arrangement or kitchen color is so disruptive and irritating to her. Anyway, it’s called Honey Caramel and it reminds me of butterscotch. It’s yellow, but with a hint of golden brown to make it more soothing. The old color, which is not pictured, was a dark and depressing steel blue. It has radically transformed the mood and feel of the kitchen. I already loved our kitchen, but now I love it even more. The first week of January we’re having a new, tile floor laid (it’s a glazed terra cotta style). We have to replace the Pergo flooring that’s in there now because a section is warped and ruined from old water damage. I love tile floors, so it’s fine by me!

-Prasad and Sky’s new favorite outdoor past time is playing badminton. They don’t have a net, but enjoy hitting the birdie back and forth with their rackets for hours. It’s such a welcome sport over footballs and flying soccer balls toward our sun room windows.

-We’re all crossing our fingers, hoping we’ll be able to use our new sleds on the steep levee hill behind our house this Winter. Right now, we’re having a major drought and it doesn’t look like we’re due for much snow fall this year. Still, we’re hoping… we only need a little.

-Lately, to entertain Liam I’ve been breaking out into spontaneous dance moves. We’re in his room, and he’s usually lying on his bed or in his chair, but he watches with pure fascination, and then starts giggling hysterically. I make faces at him, lunge toward him, and bounce like crazy all over the room. He loves it, and always ends up reaching out to me for a hug or tickles while he’s laughing. We’re communicating. These are some of my favorite, most cherished moments as a mom.

-This afternoon, during a family lunch, Prasad said “Okay, I’m in love. I’m in love with someone, but I’m not saying who.” I wondered if he might be referring to Amelie because she’s been hugging and kissing him a lot lately. I said, “Aah, so it’s a secret love?” Sky laughed, and Prasad said , “Okay, okay… does anyone know who it is?” I’m not positive, but I think Sky answered “Mommy?” Prasad looked over at me with a sweet smile and said “Yes, it’s Mom. I’m madly in love with her.” He took my hand. I am so, so blessed.

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