Ready, Set, Christmas!

It’s Christmas Eve, and our teeny tree is surrounded with presents now. I swear, the tree is buried! At least a smaller tree creates the illusion of more gifts… I love that. [pictures to come]

We’ll be having a special Christmas dinner this evening, and will be sharing it with my mom. Of course, it’s an all Indian meal: vegetable korma, Bombay chick peas & potatoes, garlic naan, and potato parathas. I purchased some of it from a local Indian market, and some ingredients from World Market… hoping it turns out delicious! I’m looking forward to the rich, spicy smells.

The kids are looking most forward to opening their first present- just one on Christmas Eve. Prasad and Sky’s life books arrived today (in the nick of time!) and I’m dying to see them open those. They turned out just perfect. Sorin will be opening her Kindle, and she has NO IDEA we were even considering a Kindle for her… cannot wait to see her face!

At some point today we’ll be sitting down and reading to our kids about the true meaning of Christmas. For us, it’s about the birth of Christ, but also the birth of Christ consciousness in our own hearts and minds. We may read something of our guru’s writings, and sing a chant or two, but this day is our family’s spiritual Christmas… for the majority of our materialistic culture that goes ignored, for the most part. The metaphysical substance of this holiday is what I love most.

I want to wish all people and all families everywhere a very happy holiday season. May all beings know boundless peace, expanding love, and overflowing, ever-new joy!

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