Christmas Pics

Our teeny tree smothered in gifts this morning

Sky and Hanu check out the stockings

Wacky Prasad being wacky Prasad

Amelie got her first K-Nex set (Elmo as a veterinarian)

I love my domestic supplies- Meyer's hand soap, spray and dish soap (plus an iTunes gift card) Thanks, Mom!

Sorin was home until noon, then she and Liam left for Christmas at their dad's in Kansas City

proof that Grandma Lin was present this morning 😉

Prasad and Amelie playing with her new, wooden food, pans, and dolls this evening

two of my favorite guys in their new PJ's

We had a wonderful first Christmas in our new, little home. I’ve been having a difficult time fighting off a major sinus thing (possibly an infection) and the headaches are almost unbearable. I’ve spent most of the day whining and resting. Liam, who isn’t pictured, spent the unwrapping time in his room due to sensory overload issues. He came down in the middle of everything and we gave him some of his gifts. When his dad arrived he was smiling and very happy… it was wonderful seeing him off like that. Now we’re decompressing, hoping to do almost nothing for a few days.

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