Wednesday Walk

Daniel and I were becoming stir crazy today. He’s been home a lot (a wonderful thing), but each day starts feeling like the same day as before. Just like the monotony in the film “Groundhog Day”, so we went for a walk along the river… ALONE. No kids, just two of our dogs came along. It was a misty day, very damp and quiet.

These pics are of Emily, and she was so excited to get out and hobble along. She’s almost 14 years old, but she’s still so spritely. Amelie was napping, Liam was out, and the other kids watched a movie together. We’re hoping to catch the film “Black Swan” tonight… we’re needing lots of rejuvenating alone time together.

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1 Response to Wednesday Walk

  1. I am glad you are getting some “alone time”. Kirk and I have been absolutely loving the freedom of the last day and a half that have been just us (and the cats) in our house, while our kids are off with my parents on a short vacation. It’s so important to nurture the adult relationship – it’s the foundation of the family.

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