Chicken Love

Today was a very strange, warm day for December 30th in Lawrence, Kansas. It climbed into the 70’s and I actually found myself sweating at one point. Disbelief was practically all I felt as Sorin and I worked hard to clean out the hens’ run and coop together. We raked and walked the waste over to the compost pile, but somewhere along the way, Sorin just had to hold a chicken. After all, who can resist? They really are wonderful to hold.

See? She's slowly lunging for Petunia

Yay! She got her. She's our largest Barred Rock, and she's the same hen that Sorin held in the car when we brought her home. Look at them... they're both such sweet girls!

We shoveled lovely, rich loads like these out of the run. After composting, it will feed our gardens next year.

We gave them a fresh and fluffy load of straw today. We've been doing the "thick straw method" for the interior of the coop and it's working out great. We hardly ever have to change it if we stir it around daily. The composting waste helps warm the coop, too.

We've watched our three girls grow a lot since coming home (they're almost 10 months old). They're also fattening up, and Jasmine's pale pink comb has become large and bright red. They're happy and healthy hens who get along great. We get about 3 eggs/day which is excellent for this, or any other time of year!

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