Popped Bubble Blues

We couldn’t figure out why Prasad was suddenly so down yesterday, despite a lovely opportunity to hang out in 70 degree temps outside. Granted, He and Sky both can become difficult when they are unleashed outside and notice Mom and Dad are having a lot of fun of their own out there. That’s for another post. For now, let’s just say Prasad was irritated by everyone and everything around him, and that is just not his way. Normally he’s vibrant with life, and quite pleasant.

After spending a droopy time outdoors, he came in for lunch and Daniel attempted to have a talk with him. He wouldn’t really open up, and instead said “I have so many secrets that I just never told you.” Daniel inquired further, but didn’t get anywhere. It seemed as if he was just spouting jibberish, which he has a habit of doing when he doesn’t know what to say. We later learned he really was keeping a secret.

By dinner time, Prasad started discussing what he described as a silly but interesting observation. He said, “People everywhere, they get all these presents and they play with them, and play with them for days. Over and over and over again, they keep playing with them! Then, all of a sudden they don’t want to play with them any more because they’re bored of the things. It’s so dumb!” He seemed particularly distressed, annoyed, and depressed by the observation. That was when we realized his true disorder: PCD, or Post Christmas Depression. He had it bad, and we remembered he had it even worse last year after he realized his 10th birthday gift-high was over. He revealed that this is the secret he was keeping– he’s very sad and angry that he’s bored after getting so many things for Christmas.

We talked to him a bit about his feelings, and then he veered into the normal human, knee-jerk desire for “more things” to fill up the hole. He said, “Oh wait, I have that gift certificate from Aunt Stephanie and I could get another present with that.” I said, “Well, that might make you happy again for a little while, but it won’t last.” Prasad responded by saying he could spend wisely and get two gifts instead of one (meaning he could make it last longer). I informed him that it still would not last, and that he’d end up feeling the same we he does now.

Daniel and I seized the opportunity to teach our kids about material versus spiritual consciousness, and which one brings us lasting happiness. It was a lovely talk. Sky ended up asking the family, “You know what brings me happiness?” He looked right into my eyes with a soft smile “You.” It was one of the sweetest moments of my maternal career. I will never forget it. Sky awoke this morning talking about how the love in our family gives him more happiness than any toys or books or things he could ever have in this world. He said, “That’s all I need to be happy is family, right Mama?” I told him that love of family is a beautiful thing, but that most importantly a close and loving relationship with God brings us LASTING happiness. I went on to explain that “love of family” should include our world family. The love of family is a great place to start in loving all people, but it’s only a microcosm of the great love we are meant to cultivate in our hearts.

Prasad is doing much better today. He’s getting ready for a guy’s day out at the indoor pool, and a pizza buffet afterward with Liam, Sky, and Daddy. They’re enjoying the day together while us girls get to stay home and enjoy the peace and quiet of the moment. True joy is always here and now, as long as we don’t depend on things outside ourselves to experience it. I swear it’s one of the toughest things to keep in check as a human being.

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