Reflections on New Years Eve

I‘ve never been one to make New Years resolutions, or make a big deal about the fact that another year has passed. I believe in reviewing my life, habits, successes and set-backs daily. Looking back, I probably make spontaneous plans and goals every 3-4 months, as needed. I don’t call them plans or goals, of course, because that’s just too intimidating. I don’t like obligating myself into things, or setting myself up to fail. You know what they say about “the best laid plans.” If I have to call it anything, it’s “setting intentions” or better yet, the joy of “scheming” because I rarely tell anyone; I often avoid poisoning my dreams with discouragement.

I just can’t help thinking about all that has gone on in our family during 2010, and I’m actually dripping with excited anticipation about the new year. When I think about it too much I start jumping like a frizzy-haired monkey, practically peeing my pants. That is not like me AT ALL. Normally I just accept a new year like a new week, or a new month.

Somehow I feel differently now, and it’s as if we live on an entirely different planet. This is the year our family completely gave up all television, not just cable. It’s also the year we gave up more than half of our possessions through Craigslist and curb side drop offs. I swear we actually gave away about 2/3 of our goods, and it’s been enlightening in so many ways (have I said that enough times?). It’s the year that I met and made several new friends, which is not like little severely introverted me. The social thing seemed to be a repetitive theme for me this year, even though I didn’t seek it out or force it… it just happened. It’s the year I experienced enormous love and support from people outside of my small circle of family, and it just so happened to be the year I had to let go of a very painful relationship with my father. It’s also the year Daniel coincidentally had to let go of a toxic family relationship, and because of that we were able to offer one another deep empathy and understanding. We began healing together, which is such a gift. This is the year I realized firsthand that God gives us everything we need at the right and perfect time.

2010 was the year that my husband and I did something insanely brilliant. We hopped our hefty family of seven from a 2500+ square foot home into a little 900 square foot house. It was brilliant because we cut out 2/3 of our old mortgage amount, we have way less to maintain, more time, more closeness, a more logical floorplan, only one bathroom to keep clean, and a much better connection to the earth through the new area we now live in. An unimaginable change a year ago, and we still cannot believe we did it, and don’t know what the heck we were thinking. It was the year Daniel decided to make major career changes- to either let go of practicing law, or cut way back. 2010 has been the first year in which Daniel has been home a great deal, has to work far less, and feels less pressure as the sole money provider. I mean, seriously… we have only one parent working outside the home, and most weeks he’s home a lot. How brilliant is that?! It was also the year of transition for our two oldest children– Sorin graduated high school, and Liam moved up to high school. Sorin began her life as a young adult, and she has amazed us at every turn. Liam transitioned beautifully, he finally shot up several inches, and his voice started to change. He grew into a sweet young man.

2010 is the year we decided to make some major dietary changes, eat organic as much as possible, grow our own foods, drive less, ride our bikes and walk more, keep chickens and spend about 70% of our time outdoors. It has been an incredible year of transformation on so many levels for Daniel and I. For our kids we have seen progress– all of them in HUGE and unexpected ways. We are filled with so much joy, a sense of purpose, and look forward to what this new year will bring us because we know we’re on a roll…. this is only the beginning of something wondrous.

In 2011 we’re looking forward to our first harvest of crops on our own property (yum!), to raising three more chickens from baby chicks, and might even explore the magic of bee keeping. I’m intending to better my own spiritual practices, and make more time for them– at least twice a day instead of once. How will that impact my life? Just like last year, at the end of 2009 I couldn’t even imagine all that would take place in 2010. I know that so much lies before us that is unthinkable. It all springs from our consciousness, our thoughts, so I stay focused on gratitude and see each new day as a holy gift. It’s not just every year that we should review and make plans or set intentions… every seemingly insignificant moment is filled with possibilities, and we can alter the course of our lives in a heartbeat. May 2011 be a year of sacred moments and memories to treasure, a heightened self-awareness and deepened compassion for all beings. May 2011 be an extraordinary year not only for our family, but for all families everywhere. HAPPY 2011!!!

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