Sky’s Future Plans

I thought about scanning what Sky drew and wrote in his composition notebook, but don’t feel like going through the trouble of hooking up the scanner (which is under our bed). Most of all, I want to make sure this info gets posted because it’s really cute. He wrote it a day or two after Christmas:

“I want a house a simple house a car a small car. Life is esay (easy). All I need is food a house and cloths (clothes). I will have a kitchen a bed room a family room. IT will be a small house. That way life is easy and simple. My heart has made that dishen (decision) I will be happy. My gurus have given me a vishen (vision). My life is going to start after college. I am going to be a simple and loveing person. I have not thought about children and a wife but that is next.”

He has another page with a drawing of his house, showing the interior- a lower level, and an attic bedroom. There is a teeny royal blue car parked next to the house.

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