“The Days of Our Lives” Follow Up

I think it’s only fair to do an update on my last post, considering Sky did so well after coming home today. As I explained, he had a very rough start.

Sky was in a much better, more calm state of mind when he got home from school. When we were standing in the kitchen, I told him we needed to talk about what happened this morning. At first he acted confused and asked what happened. I gave him “the look” and his memory magically reappeared. He said “Oh, well I wasn’t feeling good. My leg hurt really bad, and I was tired.” Strangely, I don’t recall him having any physical aches and pains, but that wouldn’t excuse the behavior.

We went into my bedroom, and sat on the end of my bed. I ended up having him read the section of today’s blog post that had all the dialogue in it. Sometimes reading about events as a ‘story’ helps people have more objectivity. It seemed a more effective route than me blabbing again, re-hashing things verbally while he just blanks out. I was right. When he was done reading, he turned to me with a look of sorrow in his eyes. I will never forget what he said to me because he said it with such sincerity, and strong eye contact. He said “Oh, Mom. I am so sorry I did all that because YOU are so much more important to me than a stupid watch.” We hugged and talked a little more, and then he got up. He went into the sun room and apologized to Prasad, then thanked him for offering him his watch this morning. He made no excuses, just apologized. He seemed lighter. He really is such an awesome kid. When Daddy came home a couple of hours later he said, “I’m really sorry you had to hear about how I acted this morning, Dad.” Somehow, by reading about it, I think Sky was able to step outside of himself and see it as just behavior gone bad. He also seemed happy that I valued him enough to take the time to write about it… it was tangible proof that I cared. He’s awesome (didn’t I already say that?)

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