Amelie Update: 27 Months

We had our State’s early intervention agency, Tiny K, at our house this Tuesday to fill out some paperwork on Amelie. We’ve had some mild concerns about her speech and language development, and wanted to get a hearing test done just to rule that out. Unfortunately, their hearing test equipment didn’t work, so they’re bringing a different device next week.

Our concerns? Well, Amelie has been right on target for everything we can think of- except language. She’s enormously bright, perceptive, aware, inquisitive, and her receptive language is excellent. She’s even able to follow one and two-part instructions. She babbles, but only when she’s ‘in the mood’ and then it’s A LOT. When she does babble, it’s clear she’s trying to say things, but we never knew she was actually trying to use specific words. The woman with Tiny-K has worked with toddlers so long that she was able to do a lot of translation for us. After her visit, it was clear that Amelie has a much bigger, more colorful vocabulary than we first thought. She has trouble with pronunciation, like any 27 month old, but she is using far more words and phrases.

Next week we’ll have Amelie’s hearing screening completed, along with her first developmental check. They’re going to determine her level in all areas of development, and then decide if she qualifies for services. For now, we’ve been paying very close attention to what Amelie is actually saying… now that we understand “Amelese” a bit more, we’re thinking she’s a bit better off than first thought. Here is a partial list of of her words and phrases used during the past two days:

“Go!”, “Go away!” “Get down” and “Get out of there!” She mainly says this to the dogs and cats.

“Move over” “Come here” and “Here I am”

“Hello!”, “Hi!”, “Hey there!”, “Bye guys” and “Seeya!” I love it when she waves and says “seeya!” after I tuck her into bed.

“There you go”, “All done” and “I did it”/”I’ll do it”

“Don’t have it” and “All gone”

“Doggy”, “Kitty” and “I love you” I love you is pronounced “I voooo!”

“I’ll get it for you” , “Mmmmm, good” and “A bowl?” She says “bowl” (pronounced “bool”) when she is hungry, and we’re trying to use the word “food” more. She called the actual food on my dinner plate “Mama’s bowl” yesterday

There are so many other words and phrases we’re noticing if we just decipher them. She’s a very quiet girl most of the time, taking things in, studying people closely, and imitating like crazy. She loves helping me do laundry– I hand her the wet clothes from the washer, and she throws them into the dryer for me. If she sees dirt on the floor, she gets the broom and sweeps it up, and opens the trash can to empty the dust pan. Whenever she sees bits of paper or empty wrappers lying around she’s quick to throw them away… quite a helper! Her favorite thing to play lately is “kitchen” with her new little pots and pans, and toy food. She’s teething (cutting her 2nd molars) and it’s horrible for her– drooling, painful, and chewing things a lot. She’s still a marathon sleeper, and naps 2 hours a day. She’s got the greatest sense of humor, and she’s the easiest of all my kids to make smile. She radiates so much happiness, and the woman from Tiny K pointed out that she’s an extremely patient girl. I’ll keep posting about how the Tiny K visits go.



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