We’re Expecting

It’s official- our family is pregnant with baby chickens! Due date is March 14, 2011! After a lot of thought, we went with ordering them online because we want a specific variety of hens to add to our flock. If we went local again, I’d have a very hard time finding the specific breeds we’re looking for. Variety/diversity is what we’re looking for, and it looks like we’ll have it.

We ordered four baby chicks. They’ll be shipped via Express mail at 1 day old, and they’ll be together in one box to keep each other warm. We planned on having only three more hens, but ordered four in case there is a fatality during or after shipment. We’re looking so forward to the experience of holding and rearing these little birds, and they’ll be even more friendly and people-oriented than the three hens we have now. And what a fun experience for the kids! below are the breeds we purchased:


These are a very docile and friendly breed, and are extremely good egg layers– laying well through Winter months. They’re considered large hens, getting up to 8 pounds. They originated in the UK, and do quite well in colder climates due to their fluffy plumage. I love the “buff” honey-like color.


These hens have an attractive curvy figure, a sweet disposition, and are very good layers. They’re a medium weight breed and have such pretty lacing on each feather… striking girls! Their smaller combs don’t freeze as easily as other breeds, making them good in colder climates.


This is one breed I have really wanted for a while. I saw one at a neighbor’s house and they’re very striking in person. I’ve heard from other chickenistas that this is a particularly friendly breed, scurrying to your feet as you walk into the pen. They really like being near humans, and aren’t as skittish as some other chicken breeds. I hear they’re a joy to raise as chicks, too. They’re a large breed of chicken so they’re slow to mature. Reliable egg layers. They have feathers all the way down their legs to their feet, tiny combs, and are very heat and cold tolerant. They just seem like an all-around perfect breed.


Last, but far from least is the Silkie Bantam that I just HAD to order. I chose to go with one picked for us from an “assortment” of Silkie Bantam breeds. It’s a mystery which one we’ll get, but one thing is for certain- she will be gorgeous, unique, and really stand out in our flock. Their feathers feel more like soft, fluffy fur, and those ornamental heads and fluffy feet are to die for! They’re extremely docile and friendly, will sit in your lap and can give you a lot of laughs (they’re clumsy due to limited vision). She is the one I’m most concerned about during shipping, but I’m thinking she’ll be fine with three other baby chicks to snuggle with for 24 hours. They’re small hens, and have certain egg laying cycles, so don’t lay as prolifically as many other breeds. I don’t want her for the eggs, but for her odd beauty!

Silkie Bantams come in many colors, including white, reds, brown, cream, black, bluish silver, gray and speckled varieties. Just look at those furry feet!

We are all so excited for March to arrive. It’s going to be an incredible first Spring here!

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  1. Ya gotta love that Silkie Bantam. How cute are they?????

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