“She Likes Me!”

It’s happened, and it seems like it hit overnight. Sky is really noticing girls now. Well, not just noticing them, but really having serious crushes that are apparently occupying a lot of his thoughts.

“Laura”… he whispered secretly to me. I said, “Huh, who?” He had a bashful smile, and looked around to make certain no one was in the room, “Laura. That’s her name. The name of the girl I like a lot.” That was the big ‘name’ reveal after he’d come into the kitchen, saying he needed to speak to me alone, in private. I thought he might be having a problem at school, or something embarrassing that happened. Instead, he told me that he’s liked a girl in his class for a long time, and that a friend of his finally asked her if she liked him. It made Sky’s day to find out that she reciprocated his feelings… he was on cloud nine big time! He kept talking about what a perfect day it was at school, and he was all dreamy-eyed and floaty. “She likes me” was the mantra he muttered so joyfully under his breath. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing. For the first time Sky is really head over heels for a girl.

I kept my composure because I want Sky to feel comfortable confiding these things with me. It meant a lot that he turned to me with such trust right after school. He thanked me for “not making fun of him” and and gave me a big hug. Inside, I was asking myself if he’s even old enough to be feeling this way. I know he’s nine, but he’s my little boy! This is the first taste of anything like this with any of my boys, and it’s a strange feeling. Sky went on, saying that two other girls like him also. He gave me their names and said one of them likes him “just because she likes me”, and “one of them likes me a lot becacause I’m smart.” I chuckled and told him “oooh, she only loves you for your mind”, and explained that a lot of girls like smart guys.

Anyway, it’s happened. I can’t believe I’m saying it, but it’s happened. I’m not the only woman in his heart any more, and I probably never will be again. Instead, I’m the one fixing his rooster tail hair-do when he wakes up in the mornings because he wants to look good for “Laura.” Never before has he cared about that large cowlick that stands up on the back of his head every morning, but it’s happened and he does now. Where is my little boy going? For Prasad it may be starting, too, but he’s not verbalizing it as well or may be keeping it more secret. Yesterday, after Liam’s home care assistant, Michelle, came over he was talking incessantly about the pretty blonde girl that waved to him from inside her car. He told Sky “Her name is Jessica, did you see her? Did you see her?? She is nice… ohhh.” He sounded eager, almost fiendish, and had that same strange and entranced look in his eyes. I swear they get spirals and become zombies! God help me. The teen years and manhood are lurking just around the corner for both of them, but I’d like to hold on to my little boys a bit longer.

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