Sledding… Finally!

We’ve been hoping for a good, substantial snow so that we can try sledding on the great hill behind our lot. The other side of the levee trail has quite a long slope toward the river, but it’s not so huge that we get exhausted walking up. It’s the perfect sledding hill. We got our first major accumulation last night, so we had a Snow Day and took the kids out for some fun. Sledding is one of my most fond memories from childhood, so I had a blast, too!

Liam doesn’t do well in snow and cold, and Prasad isn’t in any of these pictures because he wanted to go inside after a few runs down the hill… he was freezing, and his hands hurt terribly. I felt so sorry for him, but after he warmed up, he came back outside and went down a few more times. Sorin and I were the last two left on the levee, so we had some 1:1 sledding time. What was most amazing to me was the pure silence and stillness near the river. All you could hear was the snow falling… it was nourishing. I love unexpected days like these!

Amelie at the back gate near the levee

This was the first snow that Amelie has really experienced. Last year she was too young. She was both fascinated and concerned today
Sky Bear!
Daniel taking Amelie on her first trip down the hill. Doesn’t she look deeply concerned? She ended up LOVING every minute of it, asking for more and more
Sky getting ready, and Sorin below
Sorin loving the snow…

...and loving her chicken, Marigold. This was her first time being able to hold this girl, so she was very excited

..and, of course, loving on Emmie in the snow. Emmie is very at home in the snow.

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