At Last, a Name

After a lot of other considerations, maybes, corny, confusing or boring ideas that didn’t stick, we finally settled on a name for our little 1/3 acre: “River of Love Urban Farmstead

I want to thank everyone who sent us suggestions. They were all a lot of fun. We’ve never named property before… well, we actually named the land we have in Colorado “Peebleshire” but that was a no-brainer that came to us the first day we saw it. It literally looks and feels like a shire, and “Peebleshire” is a town in Scotland where Daniel’s ancestors are from. This property was more difficult. It’s on a semi-suburban street with a very rural feeling. Lined with Elm trees, and the most gorgeous Maple in town, it has a lot of history, and backs up to a river. This left us so many possibilities… the list was long. We wanted “Love” to be a part of the name somehow. It was a difficult process, but we all finally agreed on “River of Love” because it really fits. Not just in a literal sense with the river, but also because of the endless flow of love we’ll be pouring into the property.

Whew! I’m relieved to have that out of the way. Somehow, a name seems to bring the property to life and gives it a sense of spirit. It’s a turning point. Now we’re excited about designing a new website that’s devoted primarily to our little farmstead adventures. We’re hoping it can be a resource for others, as well as a place to post recipes, sell goodies and handmade items, gardening tips and disasters, conscious parenting ideas, ecological solutions and rants, family video clips, and spiritual inspiration.

With Sky and Prasad getting into their tween years, we’re going to be posting less and less about their personal trials and events. It’s feeling like they’re at an age where we need to start respecting their privacy more (darn!) even in private posts. Of course, I’m going to dish out like crazy about Amelie all I can! The exciting thing about the new site is that Daniel and Sorin will be contributors, and Prasad and Sky have expressed interest in doing it as well (over time I’m sure they will). We all see a richer, more fun site in the making. *Coming Soon*

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