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Kids Want Miserable Mommies

I don’t even know how to broach this subject without sounding as if I’m demonizing my children. That’s not my intention at all. My kids are all marvelous, loving individuals. I just find it very interesting (and annoying) that Sky … Continue reading

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Sledding… Finally!

We’ve been hoping for a good, substantial snow so that we can try sledding on the great hill behind our lot. The other side of the levee trail has quite a long slope toward the river, but it’s not so … Continue reading

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Amelie Update: 27 Months

We had our State’s early intervention agency, Tiny K, at our house this Tuesday to fill out some paperwork on Amelie. We’ve had some mild concerns about her speech and language development, and wanted to get a hearing test done … Continue reading

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Random iPhone Pics

I was looking through Daniel’s phone this evening and found several recent pics we never posted. They’re a random hodge podge, but they’re fun that way: Sky, Amelie, and Prasad playing “Kitchen” under our dining table

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Amelie’s Little Red Tricycle

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Amelie’s First Meditation

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Halloween Pics

We had a great time trick-or-treating. Liam, Sorin, and Daniel stayed home to hand out candy. When we returned to our house, Daniel was hiding under a pile of leaves. He jumped out, and scared Prasad. A very memorable Halloween!

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