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January Notes

Daniel and I have been spending a lot of time visualizing, dreaming, and scheming about our lives. The past two weeks we’ve been sitting down with the purpose of researching and deciding what to do next, and how we see … Continue reading

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Kids Want Miserable Mommies

I don’t even know how to broach this subject without sounding as if I’m demonizing my children. That’s not my intention at all. My kids are all marvelous, loving individuals. I just find it very interesting (and annoying) that Sky … Continue reading

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Reflections on New Years Eve

I‘ve never been one to make New Years resolutions, or make a big deal about the fact that another year has passed. I believe in reviewing my life, habits, successes and set-backs daily. Looking back, I probably make spontaneous plans … Continue reading

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October Update

There is way too much life happening to sit down and write about it these days. It’s all been good. Amazing, really. I just don’t spend much time online lately. To simplify and save time I’ll put it in bullets: … Continue reading

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Spring 2011 Veggie Garden Plan

Fruits: Blueberry bushes (start in rows of 5, possibly 15 to start… they stay small) ORDER ONLINE so they arrive by Spring Raspberry bushes (2-3) ORDER ONLINE with the blueberry bushes Strawberries (vines in their own raised bed, seprated from the rest … Continue reading

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Bird Brained Projects

We have quite a few projects on our list, but they’re all optional, fun projects, not necessities. In our old house, we had so many repairs, updates and even structural changes needed that it was a headache. Here, in a … Continue reading

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Labor Day Weekend: Days 2 & 3

Notes: The last two days of the long weekend were very full and productive. Sunday was the most quiet day– no long walks, runs, or big projects. Daniel finally hung a large, metal barn star on the front of our … Continue reading

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