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Sledding… Finally!

We’ve been hoping for a good, substantial snow so that we can try sledding on the great hill behind our lot. The other side of the levee trail has quite a long slope toward the river, but it’s not so … Continue reading

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We’re Expecting

It’s official- our family is pregnant with baby chickens! Due date is March 14, 2011! After a lot of thought, we went with ordering them online because we want a specific variety of hens to add to our flock. If … Continue reading

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Hanu’s Hypnotic Spell

– Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone Daniel set up his phone to blog and load pics. Love it!

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Random iPhone Pics

I was looking through Daniel’s phone this evening and found several recent pics we never posted. They’re a random hodge podge, but they’re fun that way: Sky, Amelie, and Prasad playing “Kitchen” under our dining table

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Wednesday Walk

Daniel and I were becoming stir crazy today. He’s been home a lot (a wonderful thing), but each day starts feeling like the same day as before. Just like the monotony in the film “Groundhog Day”, so we went for … Continue reading

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Chipper Chooks Update

For over two weeks our three chickens have been home. In that time, they have given us 15 eggs. That’s one egg a day, but yesterday was the first day we received two (a nice surprise!) This is what’s known … Continue reading

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Cats On a Shelf

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