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Prasad’s Letter to Mom

by Prasad, November 2010 Woodlawn Elementary 508 Elm   Dear Mom, Please come to my parent teacher conference. What did you have trouble with in school? What was your favorite part of you day? Was it boring or was it … Continue reading

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Sky’s Words About His Home

by Sky Peebles, written in 3rd grade during Fall 2010 “My Home It is a small little green house  It’s house number is 738. It has a big back yard and front. It has a beautiful Maple tree in the … Continue reading

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Sky’s Words About Prasad

by Sky Peebles, written in school (3rd grade) on September 28, 2010 “Prasad loves Smarty candy and the taste. Prasad smells like body soap and slick shampoo. He dresses up in a shirt and pants and a tie. Prasad has … Continue reading

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Unexpected Pride & Progress

To our surprise, both Prasad and Sky have experienced major improvements in school this year. I’ve got to post about this because it’s really hard to believe. I honestly feel like the teachers are describing someone else’s kids when I … Continue reading

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“Hey Mama, My Life Doesn’t Really Suck”

Making generalizations seems to be a habit in most humans. People say “Oh, what an awful day”, or “My life is so difficult” even though days and life are made up of of a combination of ups and downs- small … Continue reading

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It’s Just Work, Not Homework

Arguments with Sky are frequent. Here is the latest argument with Sky that we’re still chuckling about: Sky was sitting at the dining table this morning, hurriedly working on a large packet he brought home from school. At the same … Continue reading

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Circle of Friends

Tomorrow, at 8:35am, Daniel will be sitting in Prasad’s class giving a short talk about him. I drew it up today in an outline. Prasad will not be present, but it’s an effort to help his new classmates understand and … Continue reading

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