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Kids Want Miserable Mommies

I don’t even know how to broach this subject without sounding as if I’m demonizing my children. That’s not my intention at all. My kids are all marvelous, loving individuals. I just find it very interesting (and annoying) that Sky … Continue reading

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Sledding… Finally!

We’ve been hoping for a good, substantial snow so that we can try sledding on the great hill behind our lot. The other side of the levee trail has quite a long slope toward the river, but it’s not so … Continue reading

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Protected: B&W World

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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“She Likes Me!”

It’s happened, and it seems like it hit overnight. Sky is really noticing girls now. Well, not just noticing them, but really having serious crushes that are apparently occupying a lot of his thoughts. “Laura”… he whispered secretly to me. … Continue reading

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“The Days of Our Lives” Follow Up

I think it’s only fair to do an update on my last post, considering Sky did so well after coming home today. As I explained, he had a very rough start. Sky was in a much better, more calm state … Continue reading

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“The Days of Our Lives”

After seventeen days of break, Sky and Prasad are both back to school today. Last night they were both so excited about school starting up again. Prasad’s giddiness made it difficult to fall asleep, and Sky laid out his clothes- … Continue reading

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Sky’s Future Plans

I thought about scanning what Sky drew and wrote in his composition notebook, but don’t feel like going through the trouble of hooking up the scanner (which is under our bed). Most of all, I want to make sure this … Continue reading

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