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Prasad’s First Kirtan

He did it! I’m so proud of Prasad for being able to sit through an hour long kirtan service at our local meditation circle last evening. It consists of alternating periods of 1o minutes of chant, and 10 minutes of … Continue reading

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The Gift of Guidance

Someone asked what type of spiritual guidance I received to help me have a more sane and bearable reaction to my kids’ negative behaviors. I have to start by saying that I’ve only been through one test so far, so … Continue reading

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“The Days of Our Lives”

After seventeen days of break, Sky and Prasad are both back to school today. Last night they were both so excited about school starting up again. Prasad’s giddiness made it difficult to fall asleep, and Sky laid out his clothes- … Continue reading

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Popped Bubble Blues

We couldn’t figure out why Prasad was suddenly so down yesterday, despite a lovely opportunity to hang out in 70 degree temps outside. Granted, He and Sky both can become difficult when they are unleashed outside and notice Mom and … Continue reading

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One World, One People

This is not a topic I enjoy delving into deeply because it’s been ignited by some very hurtful, racially based, hate filled comments… from family, no less. We all had a wonderful, very relaxing Christmas day yesterday, and Daniel even … Continue reading

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Ready, Set, Christmas!

It’s Christmas Eve, and our teeny tree is surrounded with presents now. I swear, the tree is buried! At least a smaller tree creates the illusion of more gifts… I love that. [pictures to come] We’ll be having a special … Continue reading

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Random Notes

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–Amelie loves to watch and study what we’re doing, and then mimic it. If I put lotion on my hands, she asks for lotion on her hands and rubs it in just the same way I do. If she sees … Continue reading

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