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The Gift of Guidance

Someone asked what type of spiritual guidance I received to help me have a more sane and bearable reaction to my kids’ negative behaviors. I have to start by saying that I’ve only been through one test so far, so … Continue reading

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Letter: A Neighbor’s Reflection on Sri Daya Mata

This letter was really touching. Thanks so much, Gerry, for sharing it with me! It was written by a neighbor who lives very close to the main Self-Realization Fellowship monastery. I already wrote my tribute to a great, but little … Continue reading

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My Heart’s Tribute to Daya Mata

It isn’t often that I post on our blog about our spiritual tradition, even though it is at the very heart of who I am, and all that I do. I live and breathe it, and there is nothing more … Continue reading

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Amelie’s First Meditation

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Day 1: Labor Day Weekend

Daniel and I actually got to sleep in today until almost 8am! A welcome time after getting up at 6am all week. Yesterday, Sorin and Liam left for a trip to the Ozarks with their dad over the weekend (boating … Continue reading

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